Teen angst!

I love the headline for this event I’m doing on Monday, Sept 15: “Teen Angst Author to Talk Issues at Mt. Prospect Library.”

I’m no longer a teen, but I still have plenty of angst. Perhaps more now than ever.

It makes me sound so serious, all the angst and issues and talking. I promise, it will be a good time! I’m only angsty in private. I’ll read from Permanent Record and answer questions about the book, writing, publishing, and my day-to-day freak-outs, followed by a signing. Please come and say hello!

I am going to share something secret with you right now: I am an introvert who is made physically ill by the idea of public speaking. Intellectually I know this will be a fun event with an audience of library-goers and readers who want to be there. That is a fairly forgiving audience. But emotionally? I will stress out and cry about standing up in front of people and trying to talk. I always do! I have been doing book signings and readings and discussions with nice folks for the past 13 years, and it never gets any easier.

I swear I will make every effort not to hyperventilate or babble incoherently. I will not make a fool of myself! But maybe I will! Come watch!  

Mt. Prospect Public Library
10 S. Emerson St.
Monday, Sept. 15, 7 p.m.



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