Suburban Mosaic event

I survived last night’s event for the Suburban Mosaic Program at Mt. Prospect Public Library. I say “survived” because some of you are acquainted with my three crippling fears:

1.) Public speaking

2.) Traveling

3.) the dentist

Luckily my dental checkup was last week, so I got that psychological trauma out of the way.

Even though I babbled incoherently for the recorded interview I did with a local cable access program, “Library Life,” the rest of the program went well. I noticed that I was sweating through my jean jacket. Jean jacket, you say? Who wears one of those? I will tell you:



Reverend Jim
Mundelein author Leslie Stella, right, talks with Mount Prospect Librarian Joe Collier on Monday night as she promotes her novel "Permanent Record."

I’m not even fake-laughing. That’s my old pal Joe there, business reference librarian and graveyard aficionado, regaling me with stories of how he balances his two passions.

Really nice people at the reading, enthusiastic librarians, friendly teens/tweens, paperbacks for sale courtesy of Barbara’s Bookstore, plus cupcakes. The library provided CUPCAKES, people. With glitter.

They were delicious and helped lessen my fear of speaking in public, though probably will not help much with the dentist.



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