No News

I have not updated my website in a year. One year! Because so much is the same. The same struggles with this career and the nagging suspicion that I am more qualified to work in an arcade than write books.

But so much is different. Life changed for me when my mom and sister died. So many things seemed vastly unimportant. Like myself. My writing career stumbled off a cliff in a spectacularly silent nosedive. I felt lost. And moreover, that I was a loser. Because winners are sleek. Powerful. They are without imperfection. Last night after I washed my face, I screamed into the towel. I admit I was soothed by the terrycloth’s weft and warp and its scream-muffling capabilities.

I just wanted to let you know that I am alive. Powerless and imperfect and hungry, but bursting with life.